We Do..

July 12th, 2009

Our valuation practice covers valuation assignments in all areas of the wine business including:

  • Property component comprising land and buildings of vineyards and wineries.
  • Winery and vineyard plant and equipment.
  • Bulk and bottled wine inventory.
  • Wine businesses, comprising all of the above assets together with the business value typically embodied in goodwill, brands and other intangible assets.

We are obviously not accountants and do not undertake financial analyses of wine businesses but nonetheless have a solid understanding of the business model.

We are one of the few, maybe the only, valuation practice able to walk into any winery in the country and value the complete facility including the plant. We think this is very important as the plant value can typically be 90% of the winery value. To expect a valuer with no ability or experience with plant and equipment to arrive at a sensible value is asking a lot.

We have undertaken complete valuations of winery facilities from under 500 tonnes capacity to more than 120,000 tonnes capacity.

We have valued wine businesses worth anywhere from tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars and we have undertaken portfolio valuations where the combined totals of the wineries and vineyards are in the multi-millions.

We value for banks, being on the valuation panels of most of our banks, for public and private companies, private investors, purchasers and sellers.

In addition to the wine sector we have also had experience in valuing large scale olive, citrus and almond plantings in their major areas of concentration in SA, Vic and WA.